Cooking Up Fun, Fearlessly

How we started

The Cha Cha Cooking Club, is a local business on the California Central Coast dedicated to home making, kitchen consulting, and having fun! Sharing the healing love of family, food, and casual entertaining by fresh roasting coffee, teaching home cooking skills, promoting gardening, and emphasizing optimism and abundance, and as we like to say...Cha Cha Cha...

Food, family, and forgiveness are the foundational forces that flow through our cooking club. After decades of professional work in education, community leadership, and economic development, Dr. Dulcie Sinn retreated to her kitchen to cook up a new recipe for her final act. Her intention is to understand, teach, and promote very basic skills that knit people to people and create family. Our message is simple: 

Cha Cha Mission

Dr. Dulcie Sinn


Dr. Dulcie Sinn

I am on a mission to turn timid, tense, tired, and partially thawed-out hungry people into fearless, fast-acting, finessing, full-of-life home cooks. Cha cha cha…

I have embraced the wisdom of living. I never went to a culinary school. I’m a “self-taught” home cook, learning from grandparents, friends, celebrity chefs on TV, cook books, magazines, and on-line videos.

In school, I studied “families” – professionally I worked in education at every grade level – from early childhood to post graduate research. I worked in local government – policies and practices that create healthy opportunities with a focus on what makes families strong, supportive, and successful. I’ve volunteered with non-profits to deliver housing, food, education, and hope to children, families, and communities. I raised a wonderful loving family. I have been busy and through it all I cooked. I cooked a lot, thousands of family meals, brown bag lunches, celebrations, potlucks, soups and salads and smoothies and casseroles. I have come to realize, I am the very best home cook EVER. Just ask my loving husband of 45 years!!

I want to keep learning about food and laughing with friends. I want to share all I have learned about how home cooking and gardening can save you money, improve your health, bring your family closer together, and open up your senses to a whole world of new adventures in sights, smells, tastes, sounds, and touch.

Let’s go on a food adventure. Cha cha cha...