Cool as a Cucumber

Enjoy Year Round

Any way you slice it - works.

Any way you slice it - works.

Cucumbers are lovely vegetables. They have their own wrappers and in hot weather the inside of a cucumber can be 20 degrees lower that the heat outside. Cool as a Cucumber seems to be a compliment when applied to behavior. How many of us want to be seen as cool and capable of handling heated situations

Cucumbers are great beauty enhancers. Thin slices applied to tired eyes rejuvenate your outlook and improves your looks

Summertime in Lompoc means the Old Town Market will be up and running. This year the Cha Cha Cooking Club teamed up with the Santa Rita Flower Farm CSA and the Flower Valley Country Store to share fresh cucumbers. 

You could earn a free fresh from the organic farm cucumber just by taking the Cucumber Quiz.  Name 3 different kinds of cucumbers: This questions inevitable resulted in the discussion of how to prepare and enjoy this juicy vegetable.

Lemon Cukes are a big favorite when in season (thin sliced with red onions and just a splash of rice vinegar, salt & pepper), gherkins are for pickling, and field cucumbers are available year round in the store for salads.

An Old Town Favorite recipe – Peco de Gallo.

Peco de Gallo is delicious. And, very healthy. Fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, onion, garlic, cilantro, parsley, limes and lemons, pepper and salt. Easy breeze and a tasty change from bottled salsa.

Growing cucumbers is fairly easy. UCCE (University of California Community Education) Master Gardener Program will provide lots of great growing advice.

Cucumbers can have a very bitter taste due to cucurbitacin, a biochemical compound that is a natural defense against herbivores. But do not be afraid. Just take my advice: after washing the fresh cuke cut the ends off first before slicing the rest. Seems to flush the bitterness out.

Enjoy, cha cha cha…..